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Android logoFor several years now, the iPhone has been thought of as the dominant player within the smartphone market.  While it is true that the iPhone is a significant force in the smartphone market and, as a result, has a correspondingly significant presence in the app development world, there are alternatives to the iPhone.  If you’ve ever considered developing a mobile app, you should know that a huge market of 15 million people (and growing!) stand by their Android smartphones. This is a significant market and it is one that both businesses and mobile application developers often forget; those 15 million people all represent potential customers, however.

So, if you have been planning to release a mobile app for your customers that can drive revenue for your business, consider GlobalWebHQ. We are an experienced Dallas Android app developer and offer a team of experienced, top-quality developers as a local resource for businesses in the DFW area.  We have the combination of experience and technical expertise to be able to satisfy your every Android app development need.

The Android was once considered a very small player in the mobile device market, with only 300,000 to 500,000 Android phone users in the U.S. as of 2009.  As of mid-2011, a little more than 13.5 million people owned Android phones in the United States.  That number has continued to quickly rise by 1.5 million users each year, as Android phones continued to evolve and become more sophisticated. If your business is going to reach this fast-growing base of customers, it needs to work with the preeminent Android app development business in Dallas.  GlobalWebHQ, as a leading Dallas Android app developer, understands that the android market can easily be missed when you don’t consider options for an app outside of the iPhone. And we also understand just how valuable this market can be to marketers and to businesses.

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Flexibility and Functionality

The Android operating system (OS) is incredibly versatile and doesn’t have nearly the restrictions of the OS for the iPhone and iPad; specifically, the closely monitored iTunes store and the apps contained therein. Although plenty of resources are available to you when it comes to developing an iPhone app, building out an Android app that operates in exactly the same format is a whole new ball game. If you need Dallas Android app development, we’re happy to help. From conceptualization to creation, our team of developers, graphic designers, and user experience specialists can bring your vision to life. We find that the most successful Android apps are those that are the product of collaboration between clients and developers.  That’s why we are that rare Dallas Android app developer that will be part of the app development process from the start of a project until its your new buddy

In addition to having a detailed understanding of the Android operating system, we also have the cross OS knowledge that’s needed to make your app run on multiple smartphones. There’s no need to exclusively target Android users, in the same way that there is no reason why you need to target only target iPhone users. You can now target the 15 million current Android phone owners in the United States with a team that excels in Android app development in Dallas, as well as developing for the iPhone and iPad.  If you want to work with the most versatile Dallas Android app developer, you should contact GlobalVideoHQ.

Our development experts will meet with you one-on-one to help get your app idea off the ground. We’ll give you honest feedback based on experience with other apps. We can guide you through the ideal look and feel that your app should have, all while keeping your broader concept completely intact.  Steps like these distinguish us from our competitors.  We want to be a creative partner in your Android app development project and not just a company that takes your initial app concept and only returns it to you upon delivery of the finalized app.

When it comes to Android app development in Dallas and the surrounding area, why outsource when you can build your app locally? Sending projects such as these overseas can drastically slow things down, result in buggy applications that need reworking, or continued frustration due to language barriers and cultural differences. When you develop your app directly with an experienced local company, you get a tried and tested team that will keep your goals and the needs of your customers top-of-mind. You will also get a responsive client who will be sensitive to your time and to any budgetary constraints you might have.  GlobalWebHQ, as a leading Dallas Android app developer, has the people, the knowledge, and the technology you need to make sure that you reach as many markets as possible with Android app development in Dallas.

To schedule a free consultation, please call us at 972.436.9500.  We’ve been the Dallas Android app developer for a number of North Texas companies; why not you?